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Design of project and programmes

DEGI supports development programming at local, national and regional levels through implementation or capacity development and evaluation support. DEGI clients include public, civil society and private sector organizations.


Program design, implementation and evaluation are important processes in the development programming cycle. Program evaluation assesses changes in the well-being of individuals that can be attributed to a particular project, program or policy. Despite the inherent challenges of conducting impact assessment of development programs, there is a growing recognition that there is a need for evidence of the actual impact of programs and a need for insights on how to improve project performance.


To support the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluations of development programmes for different stakeholders such as public agencies, local and international NGOs, private sector institutions and Civil Society Organisations


  1. To support the design of projects/programmes for different organizations;
  2. To provide project/program implementation support to different organizations in the public, private and civil society sectors;
  3. To train different stakeholders on project design, monitoring and evaluation;


  1. Enhanced capacity of our clients on project design, monitoring and evaluation;
  2. Evidence based development program