Who We Are


The Development Governance Institute (DEGI) is a Zimbabwe-registered research & consulting company active in East & Southern Africa (ESA). Formally registered in 2012, DEGI brings together development advisory experience and direct implementation insights accumulated since the mid-1990s. The experience spans the public, civil society and knowledge or research sectors.

DEGI’s research and consulting services focus on defining and realising development outcomes. Our work impacts

  • Organizational structures, strategies and actual professional practice
  • Public policy design, implementation and evaluation,
  • Active citizenship including social organization/mobilization,
  • Gathering, analysis, documentation and dissemination of actionable development knowledge, and
  • Facilitation of discussions that deepen appreciation of development issues, help establish and evaluate solutions.
  • Corporate Values and Ethics

    DEGI services are guided by a focus on the following:

  • Delivery of high quality and responsive services
  • Professional integrity, independence and objectivity
  • Understanding client needs and mutual construction of the operational implications of and processes for meeting the requirements