Our Services

Local Government Strengthening

focused on policy research or analysis and development with an emphasis on decentralization, local government and service delivery reforms. Recent work has been on local government law reform and capacity assessments, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH);

Urban Governance Strengthening

focused on city development strategies, land use, infrastructure, local economy (industry and commerce), social service (e.g. housing) and socio-economic surveys that inform spatial, service and local economic development policies, plans and programmes;

Civil Society Strengthening

covering basic organizational development, strategy formulation and evaluation, alliance/network building and programming support;

Social Policy and Protection

with a basic services focus informed by critical analyses of barriers and enablers to social inclusion in education, health, child and broader social welfare interventions;

Design of Projects and Programmes

at local, national and regional levels including implementation or capacity development and evaluation support. DEGI clients include public, civil society and private sector organizations;