Who We Are


Though registered in 2012 Development Governance Institute (DEGI) draws on more than twenty years of its founders' experience in spatial planning, social development, local governance and civil society strengthening. It builds on direct implementation of development programmes, policy research and provision of advisory services to public, civil society and private sector organizations.

DEGI provides evidence-based consultancy services aimed at contributing to improvements to the analysis, planning, management, learning from and evaluation of development interventions. The services we offer are premised on the notion that different actors and sub-actors within a system have diverse yet complementary perspectives that contribute to effective and responsive policy and development interventions.

Critical clusters that concern us in most systems include policy makers, the technical or professional side and the citizen or demand side. Often we find these sub-systems disengaged, lacking in capacity or colluding to mission-deviate in processes that consolidate organizational irrelevance.

Corporate Values and Ethics

DEGI services are guided by a focus on the following:

  • Delivery of high quality and responsive services
  • Professional integrity, independence and objectivity
  • Understanding client needs and mutual construction of the operational implications of and processes for meeting the requirements